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Green Tara

Tara is a Bodhisattva, an expression of the highest compassion of all enlightened beings. Like all female forms in Tantric Buddhism, she is referred to as the "Mother of All Buddhas". Tara is also considered as the "spiritual mother" to all those who address her and engage in her practice.

Meditation - 21 Steps to Consciousness -

Meditation is the means to return the mind to its primordial state and which is to remain in a free experience of purity, simplicity and love. It is a "tool" for self-observation, training and development of the spirit.


The Healing Power of the Tarot

The origin of the Tarot deck is lost in the centuries. Some claim that it came from China where it was created in the 10th or 11th century AD, others that it is of Indian origin and some that it is the ark of the Kabbalistic or even the Egyptian Wisdom.

Free Flow - The Art of Self-Healing

"Free Flow Art" is a series of courses designed by Michalis Mourtzis MD (AM), which is suitable for all those who want to acquire a more harmonious attitude in their daily life and improve their physical, emotional and spiritual health.


Kids Flow Free

Kids Flow Free is a  Program for children  aged 6-12, designed by Michalis Mourtzis.

The Healing Path  

The Path of the Healer is a refinement of the work over a seventeen-year period, during which
Michalis lived in and visited various parts of the world, received teachings, and was initiated into
particular techniques of spiritual development and energy healing.


Vajrayanna Study Group

Vajrayana also known as Tantric Buddhism, Tantrayana, Mantrayana, Secret Mantra Vehicle, Internal Buddhism, Diamond Road, the way ...

Shamanism "The Blue Flame of Wisdom"

Shamanism is present across all lengths and breadths of the planet; it is an ancient healing
tradition and, most of all, a way of life. It is a way to connect with nature and all creation. The
word has its roots in the shamans of the Tungus tribe in Siberia.


Free Flow- The Art of Self-Healing

«The Art of Self-Healing - Free Flow» is a system for the realization of the Self, designed by Michalis Mourtzis MD (A.M.), suitable for all those who wish to develop a more harmonious mindset in their daily lives, and improve their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Christian Kabbalah

The Christian Kabbalah is based on the richness of the secret Christian tradition and is a path to spiritual reconciliation through the hidden vision of the Bible.


"Chakra Therapy"

We transform our energy flow and our level of consciousness through a process of healing chakras. The Chakra T ...

"Chi Kung 7 Lotus"

The system is taught in Heraklion, Athens, Kanaria and Madrid in seminars by M. Mourtzis. There are weekly meetings in Heraklion. The Ch ...


Study Group Taoism

For many, just trying to define Taoism is extremely complicated. Tao is impossible to determine. Each person discovers the Tao with the ...

The Nine forms of Durga

The Sanskrit word Durga means fortress or protected place. Durga represents the power of the Supreme Being who maintains moral order and justice ...



Yuki is a martial art form by Carlos de Leon, based on the 8-piece Brockard by teacher Kanazawa, ...

"The dance of the five elements"

The dance of the five elements is a series of three two-day seminars that deal with the knowledge and handling of the elements that are inside the body ...

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