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Healing Path 


Next Seminar Medicine Buddha 

4-6 Sept. Heraklion | 11-13 Sept. Athens

Energy Healing with M. Mourtzis MD (A.M)


"The Path of the Healer" is a refinement of the work over a seventeen-year period, during which Michalis lived in and visited various parts of the world, received teachings, and was initiated into particular techniques of spiritual development and energy healing.

Participants will be initiated into healing practices and teachings from the principal as well as most ancient spiritual traditions of humanity, including the ancient Shamanic tradition of Bonpo, Hindu Tantra, Ayurveda, Taoism, Kabbalah, Chinese Medicine and Vajrayana, the esoteric vehicle of Buddhism.

The programme offers a complete and comprehensive way of cultivating the healer we have inside us. Participants will be initiated into means of diagnosing, healing, cultivating energy, and connecting with God's Grace, through rare inner and secret healing practices that originate from the aforementioned traditions.

This training programme is relevant to any person who feels the need to heal and know himself/herself better, and in particular to energy and alternative therapists, psychologists, psychotherapists, doctors and health professionals.

The "Path of the Healer" is a deep process where participants will heal their physical and subtle bodies so that they can gradually become better connected with their true nature. The training offers the opportunity to advance our healing abilities and enhance our potential for spiritual liberation, so that we can consciously take part in the liberation and healing of humanity. Finally, the healing process is focused in the cultivation of joy and compassion in our daily lives.


Energy Work for Strengthening: Chi Kung energy practices of various tradition. Learning techniques to release and enhance energy flow in the body, and self-healing.

"Golden Chi" Cultivation Techniques: Cultivating Healing Energy in the Taoist Tradition. Cold, Hot, Spiral and Golden Chi, Lohan Chi Kung and more.

Eastern Diagnostics: Techniques for diagnosing diseases, such as the study of individual characteristics, different forms of pulse and more, through various Eastern traditions.

Ayurvedic Medicine: Techniques for detoxification and balance in this ancient healing art.

Connection with the Grace of God: Various approaches to connecting with the Grace of God through the traditions of Kabbalah and Kashmir Shaivism.

Healing with Syllables and Symbols: Healing symbols and sacred syllables from Tibetan Buddhism, Hindu Tantra and Kabbalah.


Jyoti: Deep healing of emotions from the Tamil Tantra tradition.


Energy Protection Techniques: Methods for protecting the healer from negativity during sessions.

Healing in Tantra: Various approaches to body therapy, and psychotherapeutic techniques with meditative deities from the Tantric traditions of the Himalayas.


Subtle Anatomy: Esoteric knowledge of the subtle human anatomy.


Divine Rays: A profound technique of Western esotericism to gain access to the Divine healing powers, by purifying our personal karma and illusions.


Prana Healing: Ancient, simple and effective visualisation healing techniques.


Psychic Sensitivity: Sharpening the healer’s subtle senses. 


Energy Awareness: Various techniques using syllables, secret Chi Kung sounds and energy movement in order to sense subtle energies. 


Hypnosis - Healing Visualisations: Induction to a hypnotic state through guided meditations, with the aim of resolving mental and physical tensions.


Deep relaxation: Deep relaxation techniques for calmness and healing emotional imbalances. 


Kabbalistic Healing: Methods of healing by means of letters and God's names from the tradition of Kabbalah. 


Reiki: All levels of the Reiki system 


Divine Light and Healing: Transforming the body's energy patterns and working with psychic abilities to heal vital organs, from the tradition of Han Mi.


Healing with Angels: Support, empowerment, and guidance of the healing work through the invocation of angelic entities.


The Nine Seals: A unique Chi Kung from the Han Mi tradition, which creates strong connections with the Buddhas of healing and develops particularly high levels of energy and clarity for the healer.


Karmic Healing: ways of transforming and purifying our personal history. 


Healing through the dream body: Various ways of understanding and treating diseases with our dream body. 


Alternative healing for tackling cancer: A Taoist view and approach on the treatment and transformation of this disease.


Powa: Transference of Consciousness: A unique way of practicing, at the end of which we are able to remain consciousness during the death of our physical body, and move safely to the next stage of our evolution.


Healing with Yidams: Meditative archetypes and Practices for Transforming Our Reality.


The Dakinis of the Five Elements: a deep healing art that focuses on healing he body, energy and individual karma. It originates in the Bonn tradition and aims to balance and handle energy.


Medicine Buddha: A high-level healing practice from Chinese Vajrayana (Han Mi).


Quan Yin: A high-level healing practice from the tradition of Han Mi.


White Tara: A high-level healing practice from the tradition of Vajrayana. 


Prosperity: Various techniques from different traditions to establish prosperity in our lives.


* The material of the seminars may be adapted according to the needs of the group. 


Certification: The training will be completed in ten (10) two-day sessions. Upon completion, the participants are awarded a certificate by the "Amrita" School of Meditation, Therapeutics and Chi Kung.

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