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Study Group Vajrayanna


Vajrayana, also known as Tantric Buddhism, Tantrayana, Mantrayana, Vehicle of the Secret Mantra, Inner Buddhism, Diamond Vehicle or Thunderbolt Vehicle, is a complex and multifaceted system of Buddhist thought and practice that has evolved over several centuries. According to the writings of Vajrayana, the term refers to one of the three vehicles or roads to enlightenment, the other two being Hinayana and Mahayana.

In our day Vajrayana is a fusion of esoteric practices for the transformation of the individual, consisting of elements of Hindu Tantra, Bon (Tibet’s indigenous tradition), Buddhism and the teachings of the Mahasiddhas of the Himalayas. In this group we will look into preliminary practices for the preparation, purification and calmness of the mind and body, together with internal Yidam practices and techniques for the realisation of the self in the Vajrayana tradition.

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