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The dance of the five elements


The dance of the five elements is a series of three two-day seminars, which explore the knowledge and management of the elements inside our body and around us. 

In this series of seminars we will begin to work deeply with the 5 elements on three levels, engaging in external, internal and secret practices. The techniques are rooted in different spiritual traditions of our planet, including Shamanism, Tantra, Vajrayanna, Kabbalah, Taoist alchemical practices and Chi Kung. We will also look at techniques for transforming the energy of our environment, which can be useful for the improvement of our life, the healing of our body, our emotional flow and to help others.


Level 1. 

Chi Kung of the elements for the strengthening of the internal organs, associated with the seasons and the cycle of life. We will become familiar with the elements, utilise them to purify our energy, and gain clarity and wisdom through contact with them. We will practise in nature and unite ourselves with the elements by coming in contact with waterfalls, high cliffs and the earth; in addition we will learn hoe to practise the Chok fire ceremony.

We will also work with the practice of the 6 elements: As we initiate a conscious exchange with the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether, and Consciousness, we can begin to experience how each element transpires an ever-changing process that feeds us with knowledge and wisdom. 

Further, we will offer an introduction to feng- shui with practical applications for our lives and spaces. The first part will end with a Temazcal ceremony, introducing us to the magical world of the elements, a necessary preparation for the next level.


Level 2.

At this level a more internal approach to the elements will take place, by connecting them to our emotions and the subtle channels of our bodies. We will work with Chi Kung for the opening, cleansing and activating of the chakras, which form the basis for our emotional understanding and exchange with the world, with regard to the five elements. We will utilise Bhuta Shudhi techniques to open the chakras on an even more subtle level. From the tradition of Hindu Tantra we will explore techniques to deepen our understanding, through a teaching called Mandala of the elements.

Through a technique of  body psychotherapy with music, we will dive into a deep journey of healing our emotions. As we remain connected with the elements, the ‘dance of the Nadis’ will bring to a close this cycle of knowledge, offering us an enhanced understanding about ourselves and all that we have to do in life to feel safer, happier and more connected with the world.


Level 3. 

From the Bon tradition of Tibet we will look into the deep practice, the Dakinis of the Five Elements. Through this practice we will initiate a deep healing of our bodies, transforming Karma and healing our future. This is a profound meditative practice that can help us heal our reality so that we can walk the path of self-liberation. This practice is ideal for balancing the energy of the elements in our space (without the use of power objects as in Feng- Shui) for a more harmonious energy flow in our life.

Furthermore, we will begin to practise a more conscious connection with Grace and enter the world of Kabbalistic meditation, using the sacred Hebrew alphabet as a vessel. By utilising the ‘mother letters’, we will learn to transform the elements in our body, as well as techniques to heal the Earth, the Wind and Fire in our daily reality. From Tibetan Vajrayanna Buddhism we will look into the practice of Green Tara, a unique way to transform our mind. To conclude this seminar cycle, we will explore a deep practice from the tradition of Dzogchen, called guru yoga.

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