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Sexuality, relationships and Tantra
Series of 3 seminars

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(2nd Seminar)


Athens: 11 & 12 May 2024

Heraklion: 18 & 19 May 2024

If you feel that your sexuality is blocked and prevents you from a free and creative experience, then in the "Sexuality and Tantra" seminar you will come across many different ways to purify your beliefs and limitations, starting to enjoy your life in a more complete manner


Through experiential practices, we will reconnect with our 'orgasmic' identity, aiming to regain our inherent ability to enjoy our body as it is in the here and now, releasing it’s sexual dynamics and expression to the world in a healthy way



In this series of teachings, we will discover the many different ways in which our sexual identity is blocked and we will begin a process of confronting our personal issues towards a path of healing through the richness of the spiritual tradition of Tantra


The purpose of these seminars is to help each other in order to obtain a more complete and free experience in our daily life


Through experiential exercises, we will recognize our physical limitations, while discovering new ways to reconnect with our ¨orgasmic¨ identity. Our purpose is to regain the ability to enjoy the world in every moment, with our body, mind and energy


An important part for supporting the process, will be the teachings of Hindu and Buddhist Tantra, where through ancient and tested methods, we will begin to transform our perception of our identity and of the world


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In the first seminar we worked with:


  • The principles of attraction


  • The differences and similarities between the sexes

  • Practices to improve companionship and sexual connection


  • The Different complexes and limitations that we need to be aware of

  • Practices for grounding in our body and in the world


  • Practices for regaining our personal power, certainty and the creation of a positive personal image


  • Ways to attract a matching partner


  • Practices for the integration of Αnima and Αnimus


  • Understanding and deepening of our orgasmic identity


  • Understanding the instinct of Love

The contents of the upcoming second seminar will be uploaded here soon!

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