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21 Steps of Consciousness

Online / On demand Meditation training  with M.Mourtzis MD (A.M)

  • One year of training

  • Payment in one or two installments

  • 40 techniques of Meditation

Meditation is the way to return one's mind to its primordial state, which is to remain in a free experience of clarity, simplicity and love. It is a "tool" for self-observation, as well as spiritual training and development.


Through meditation, we learn to observe the experiences that take place both internally and externally, in an open way, without judging them. For example, if we feel pain it is good to allow ourselves to experience this feeling instead of trying to resist it, so that we can discover its root.

Meditation is based on the expansion of our consciousness, so we learn to observe our thoughts, emotions and senses without controlling, denying, or trying to alter them. If we exclude our emotions, it will be impossible to deal with the situations that produce them. This outlook represents the basis of the healing power of meditation.


The meditative practice urges us to pay close attention to what we are experiencing in the Now. Through this path, we can begin to separate between the fundamental senses and our reactions. We can gradually gain the ability to focus on direct events objectively, without making a choice, escaping or evaluating. In addition, we can begin to gain better access to our personal wisdom, by achieving a state of awareness and understanding of our deepest level of existence.


We invite you on a journey of discovering the divine voice in our hearts, and recognizing the perfect nature in us and in everyone else.

In this series we will train in the art of meditation through a 21-level program that will cover the following areas:

Νirmanakaya - The physical dimension

1. Relaxation techniques
2. Body observation and stillness
3. Observation of thoughts
4. Unification of body and breath
5. Samatha techniques
6. 3 tratak levels
7. Vipassana techniques
8. Observing the senses
9. Concentration of breath with mantra on the third eye
10. Concentration of breath with mantra on the chest
11. Shivo ham meditation
12. The universe inside our body
13. The energy that sustains life

Sambovokaya - The dimension of Energy
14. Concentration of attention on the attraction of energy
15. Meditation at the Ananda Kanda point
16. Meditation on the pulse of energy around the body
17. Gathering indoors
18. Tantric techniques (Vignana Vairava)
19  Concentration in the space between two breaths
20. Dissolving attachment to the body
21. Beyond the limits of the body
22. The Zenith and Nadir energy of the body.
23. Tigle meditation
24. Meditation on the realization of beauty
25. om a hum
26. Chakra dharana
27. AUM

Dharmakaya - The dimension of Existence28. Breathing exercises from the text Vijnana Bairava
29. Infinite space
30. Meditation on the blue flame
31. Secret vipassana exercise
32. Meditations on Vajrayanna-Chenresig
33. Medicine Buddha.
34. Green Tara
35. Connection with the Christian Orthodox tradition
36. Gerushin - meditations on biblical texts
37. Zen Meditations
38. Meditations on Koans
39 The Dzogchen Exercise
40. Guru yoga of the four A's


The "21 Steps" meditation training series is suitable for anyone interested, beginner or advanced practitioner, provided that they maintain an open vision of the spiritual path.


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