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Stress - A path to a Free Flow

Series of 7 Online / On demand Lessons 

With Michalis Mourtzis MD (A.M)

-This training is offered in Greek language only-

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The “Stress - A path to a Free Flow” course is a module, designed by Michalis Mourtzis MD (A.M), which is suitable for all those who wish to acquire a more harmonious attitude in their daily life and improve their physical, emotional and mental health.


It is a model, which has been developed over the years by Michalis Mourtzis in order to help us deal effectively with daily problems, limitations and fears, to feel more free, to communicate better with our environment and to reunite with the source of our personal strength and joy.


In the course of our meetings, we will be taught different ways to regulate situations of tension and excesses of emotions, panic attacks, etc.


For example, we will be taught:


- Chi kung and Hatha Yoga modules to regulate our emotions and purify our energy flow


-Pressure points to decongest tension and strengthen organs and meridians of Chinese medicine


-Modern methods of physical and transpersonal psychotherapy


-Regulation of emotions that are in excess through Ayurvedic nutrition


-Visualizations to strengthen grounding, will and sense of security


-Exercises for regulating emotions in excess and managing panic attacks


-Meditational exercises to develop our personal wisdom

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