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"Chakra Therapy"


Transforming our energy flow and level of consciousness through a process of chakra healing. 

Chakra Therapy is a system that utilises the Kundalini Yoga model, music and physical release as healing agents for the treatment of our psychosomatic tensions and our limitations. 


In Sanskrit chakra means wheel, since to the eyes of those with high intuition they appear as wheels in the different parts of the body. These wheels, located in our subtle body, absorb energy from our environment and discard the excess through our body. When the chakras are clean and healthy they appear shiny and rotate, whereas when they are dirty their motion is limited. Each chakra has particular emotional and psychological content associated with it, characteristic colour, as well as sounds and vibrations that activate and connect each one with the energies of the universe. 

Chakras are also centres of consciousness. The experience of our daily lives takes form in the chakras. What we do and how we do it is largely determined by our level of perception and clarity about these centres, as they regulate our experience of life. 

Chakras are supplied with energy (prana - Chi). Through specific positions of our body, we can channel energy directly to these centres. When the energy penetrates the chakras, it begins to move through all open energy channels connected to them, waking up senses and bringing us into contact with our emotions, triggering the dance of the Nadis!

The dance of the Nadis


There are 8 fundamental energy systems in the centre of our body, called chakras. Each chakra works in such a way as to allow vital energy to enter and exit our body.


In this seminar our goal is to work with each chakra separately, so that through the flow of cosmic energy the dance of the Nadis is manifested - the free dance of energy channels.


The dance of the Nadis is a system that employs physical, energy and breathing exercises, developed by Carlos de Leon. 

This seminar is designed to create increased levels of energy and awareness in our daily lives, helping us to take in our experiences and gradually leading us to an experience of union with the cosmic flow. 

Through systematic work, we will learn how to surrender to the wisdom of the body so that we can slowly gain clarity and wisdom towards inner and external challenges, and reclaim our personal freedom and power.


In this seminar we will explore feelings in the body, emotions, energy and physical movements, intuitive knowledge, the development of the flow and of our personal wisdom. 

Though guided movement and meditation, we will initiate a process of physical, emotional and energy purification. This will help us increase our ability to experience greater joy and freedom in our body, pure emotions, and better communication with ourselves, the world and the subtle levels of reality.


-We will explore the richness and depth of Chakra Therapy, and understand how the process of the dance of the Nadis activates the material of the unconscious.

-We will learn how Chakra Therapy can open our energy flow and perception of our inner landscape, and create a healthier exchange between ourselves and the world.

-We will experience that, releasing our muscle tension and integrating the unconscious and conscious can open and activate our internal energy flow.

-We will discover how attachment structures appear in the chakras and create imbalances in our energy flow.

-We will explore and touch the potential of liberation through a healing process that connects to a holistic approach to mind, body and energy.

-We will learn to embrace a healthy approach to life, symbolically called an "open heart", one that is full of joy and bliss.

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