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Chakrasamvara Sangha Practice 

We invite everyone

Who has received the initiation for the Chakrasamvara practice and is interested to participate, in a weekly sangha meditation on the sadhana!


The gathering will be happening every Monday at 21:00 (Athens time), online in the zoom platform hosted by Amrita starting on Monday 6th of November 2023, with Carlos de Leon leading and clarifying the practice ·


After Monday November 6th, the gathering will be happening every Monday at 21:00 (Athens time), online on the zoom platform hosted by Amrita and Michalis Mourtzis.


Be advised that there will be no transmission in the meetings. The meetings are about combining the forces of many practitioners in order to help the meditators advance faster in their practice and most important, to generate a more concentrated experience of light to share with the world.


The meetings will be happening in English, but since the gatherings are about just practicing, non-English speaking practitioners are welcome to join.

To register in the weekly Chakrasamvara online sadhana, please fill in your full name, email address, tick the required fields and press "send". You will automatically receive an email with the link for the meeting. If you are not receiving the email, please make sure to also check your spam folder.

Thank you for your interest!

An email has been sent to you. In case you haven't received it in the next couple of minutes, check your spam folder and mark the email from Amrita as "not spam", in order to receive our emails in your inbox.

With my participation in seminars, study groups, trainings, self-development groups, retreats, and other courses organized by Amrita, online or live, Michalis Mourtzis and his other collaborators,
I declare responsibly that I agree:
  1. To compensate and keep safe and unharmed Amrita, Michalis Mourtzis and his associates, the organizer / organizers and assistants who will henceforth be called "Exempt", from and against any natural person, as well as any claim, any claim. damage, compensation, charge, destruction or expense resulting from operations or omissions.
  2. I release the "Exempt" from any claim and claim that I or my heirs / descendants may have from them in the future.
  3. I release the "Exempt" from any liability for any loss, damage, injury or expense that I or anyone else may suffer as a result of my participation in this program and
  4. This agreement is valid and binds my heirs and descendants, relatives, administrators, my representatives as well as my representatives in the event of my incapacity or death. Therefore, I acknowledge and accept full responsibility for myself and my actions. I recognize that I have the full right to choose to participate or not in the activities of this program and I will exercise this right as I deem appropriate to maintain my integrity and self-control within the learning / training process.
I recognize that any action, treatment or treatment technique taught in this program is by no means a product of medical expertise and / or therapy and therefore is not a substitute for professional medical advice on medicine or my mental health. I acknowledge that I need to rely on my personal discretion and consult my personal physician before engaging in or engaging in any exercise and / or activity that is part of this program. I am fully aware that Michalis Mourtzis reserves the right to refuse entry and / or participation in any that he deems inappropriate before and during any program.
I acknowledge that, by signing this, I have a binding agreement and I understand that I may have a copy of this at my request.
I declare that I am at least 18 years old.
(If the participant is a minor, the parent's or legal guardian's signature is required).
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