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"Chi Kung 7 Lotus "


The "7 Lotus" Chi Kung system is a seven-level teaching designed by Dr. Carlos de Leon. It is a system for the management and healing of our vital energy. The 7 Lotus chi kung uses postures, breathing, movement, massage and meditation, in combination with additional methods, to create an easy and effective way to develop clarity, energy, awareness and good health.

There are 7 levels (or lotuses) in this system. Each lotus is uniquely designed to introduce effective ways to activate, unblock and balance energy. The lotuses help the flow of energy in, out and around the body in order to achieve and maintain personal harmony. In this way we begin to connect the microcosm with the macrocosm, starting a natural flow of enjoyment, bliss, harmony, love, compassion and union with the Tao.

Lotus 1 - Red Lotus Opening of the main channels / meridians of the arms and feet, cleansing and enhancing vital energy, improving relaxation and general health. 

Lotus 2 - Yellow Lotus Opening and activating the main energy centres (chakras), opening of new channels and activating "spiral Chi". 

Lotus 3 - Green Lotus Strengthening of the muscles, increase of elasticity / flexibility, body detoxification, weight loss, balancing of the hemispheres. 

Lotus 4 - Blue Lotus Nourishing internal organs, strengthening general health, strengthening internal chi, strengthening the entire body and internal organs.

Lotus 5 - Pink Lotus Projection of hot, cold and spiral chi, production of golden chi, uniting energy with consciousness through meditative practices. 

 Lotus 6 - Purple Lotus Connection with the cosmic chi, working with the principle "energy follows mind", opening of the third eye, activating the immune system and strengthening the prenatal chi (the chi during conception). 

Lotus 7 - Gold Lotus Internal and external chi exchange with the 5 elements. Development and strengthening of the physical and energy bodies for further spiritual development.


General Benefits of the 7 Lotuses: 

• They enhance the flow of energy in and around the body 

• They cleanse, balance, enhance and develop our vital energy 

•They improve our physical health, strength and longevity, and balance the physical body with the etheric bodies 

• They strengthen and improve the respiratory function

 • They help our grounding and the expansion of our senses 

• They help in developing our etheric bodies 

• They enable us to relax and reduce stress 

• They increase our energy on all levels 

• They alleviate hormonal imbalances 

• They help form and endorse a more optimistic attitude towards life

• They treat digestive problems 

• They balance out the brain hemispheres 

• They enhance the body's defences against infections and diseases. 

• They help resolve emotional difficulties (depression, bipolar disorder, etc.) 

• They cleanse, strengthen and balance sexual energy 

• They enhance the creation of golden Chi (the highest form of vital energy) 

• They prepare our body for further spiritual development


The 7 Lotus system forms the foundation for higher training in Nei Kung and Shen Kung which, as a whole, constitute a complete system for self-realisation.

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