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Christian Kabbalah

Kabbalah Study Group: The Hidden Vision of the Bible 


Christian Kabbalah is derived from the richness of the secret Christian tradition, and is a path to spiritual reconciliation through the hidden vision of the Bible. In the Kabbalistic path, practising does not take place for personal gain, but to serve God and creation: to enter a world completely different from the one we identify with. In this type of practice we are interested in changing our perception of reality by eliminating the root of ignorance and pain.

We invite you to explore the messianic mystical vision of the Christian tradition and connect with spirit. There will be both theoretical and practical applications of the teaching, and is open to anyone with an open vision for the spiritual path of the Christian tradition.


As far as the theoretical part is concerned, we will explore the secret meanings of the Bible through a Kabbalistic interpretation. Regarding the practical part, we will engage in Kabbalistic meditative techniques: techniques to connect with the root of Christianity, and to unite with Divine Grace and God's Love.

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