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Green Tara


Tara is a Bodhisattva, an expression of the highest compassion of all enlightened beings. Like all female forms in Tantric Buddhism, she is referred to as the "Mother of All Buddhas". Tara is also considered as the "spiritual mother" to all those who address her and engage in her practice. Like our cosmic mother, she protects us from all dangers and provides us with what we need in order to be able to grow and evolve. Throughout our spiritual development and journey, she protects us from all forms of danger, whether internal or external, and provides all necessary conditions, guidance, inspiration and blessings needed so as to be able to walk the path safely and successfully.

Tara is also called "The Liberator" or "Saviouress" (Drolma in Tibetan), because through her activity she can save countless beings from the 8 outer and 8 inner fears, as well as rebirth in the three lower realms of Samsara.

Tara also has the name Nurma meaning "Swift ", one who can act with great speed, immediacy and efficiency. She is also called Pamo which means “Courageous”. Therefore Tara‘s full name is Drolma-Nurma-Pamo, meaning "The swift and courageous liberator".

Tara is a fully enlightened being of the highest bhumi, or level of realization, able to guide all beings to enlightenment. She is the manifestation of the highest wisdom of all Buddhas, the one that incorporates and fulfils their enlightened activity.

It is believed that in times when the negative emotions of beings cause sickness, disaster and all forms of drawbacks, the practice of Tara can be particularly effective, as it can help to purify and raise our level of consciousness. 


During our three-level journey we will study different techniques that hold the power and blessings to help us resolve any form of problems, while helping us attain high levels of spiritual realisation.


Level 1

  • The 4 Noble Truths 

  • The practice of Buddha Sakyamuni (Samatha-Vipassana)

  • 9 Yanas 

  • The main practice of Green Tara 

  • Tonglen practice

  • Different mantras for healing, for practical support in our daily lives, removing obstacles etc. 

  • Blessing of the mala 

  • Hymn to the 21 Taras and its practical applications 

  • Green Tara Psychotherapy for the 8 Fears (Attachment, False and Fanatic Views, Pride, Jealousy, Anger, Doubts, Greed, Illusions / Ignorance) 

  • Dharani of Tara 

  • Healing diseases with Green Tara 

  • Dream practices with Tara (Dream Yoga) 

  • Chod 

  • Yin Yoga for the opening of the meridians and healing emotional blockages

Level 2

  • Deepening in the main Green Tara practice

  • Mantra 

  • Yin Yoga for the opening of the meridians and healing emotional blockages 

  • Expanding on the techniques of emotional healing and release 

  • Working with the 8 fears 

  • Fire ceremony with Green Tara 

  • Yellow Tara - a distinctive practice to increase prosperity 

  • Red Tara – a practice to attract better conditions for our life and spiritual path 

  • Tara Kurukulle

Level 3

  • The individual practices for the 21 manifestations of Green Tara, from the tradition of Atisha

  • Deepening in techniques of emotional therapy and release, using techniques of body-mind psychotherapy combined with meditative techniques from the 21 manifestations of Green Tara

  • The practice of Buddha Amitabha as an entrance to the teaching of White Tara which is important for healing and longevity

  • Healing techniques with White Tara

  • Dakini Κurukule. Introduction to the practice of the profound Dakini, who through her magical practice helps us transform our reality

  • 32 mantras for dealing with negative circumstances

  • The protection of the white thread

  • The retreat will end with a fire ceremony of Green Tara, focusing in the removal of obstacles and the creation of favourable circumstances for our spiritual growth

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