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 The Healing power of Tarot



The archetypal deck of the Tarot offers an understanding of the present reality of a person, while it refers to ancient philosophical concepts, hermetic esotericism and archetypal symbols. The cards act as gates that point to the hidden paths of thought, so their study can lead to introspection and self-knowledge. The Tarot holds within it the knowledge of the world, as the symbols used, open the door to invisible areas of the soul.

The origins of the Tarot deck go back centuries. Some argue that it came from China where it was created in the 10th or 11th century AD, others as being of Indian origin, and some as being the ark of Kabbalistic and even Egyptian Wisdom. Tarot cards can help us deepen our understanding of ourselves, and bring us closer to the truth of the world.

In our meetings we explore the psychotherapeutic potential of the Tarot, and the opportunity to decode behaviours and repetitive structures, transforming our reality.

We can appreciate the past and our personal history better, and acquire a clearer picture of the present, both of the self and of the world.

We learn meditative practices so as to explore our connection with this archetypical system and the journey of the "hero", until we reconnect with our hidden knowledge and wisdom.

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