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200 hours Teacher Training in Meditation

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Certified by YAI (Yoga Alliance International)



Meditation is the way to return one's mind to its primordial state, which is to remain in a free experience of clarity, simplicity and love.


Gain the confidence and skills to teach others the art and science of meditation.


This teacher training program is addressed to beginners, as well as to individuals who already teach yoga or/and meditation and aims to create a solid basis, for those who want to deepen their knowledge and experiential wisdom.


As a student of the program, you will:


  • Learn to teach meditation with tools for body, heart, mind, and community


  • Acquire skills that apply wisdom and compassion to relationships, conflict, trauma and societal change.


  • Develop skills for leading groups and teaching a wide range of practitioners


  • Grow and deepen your spiritual path 



If you really want to learn something, teach it

Learning to share these practices and teachings with others will deepen your understanding, awareness, compassion, and well-being

Supporting Others in Healing and Awakening

There is genuine gratification in being able to support others in their healing, personal growth, and spiritual awakening. Through the program you will become trained in a wide variety of skills and have the joy of teaching them to benefit others wherever you are

Serving the Healing of Our World

Teaching meditation and compassion directly contributes to the evolution of global consciousness and the healing of our world


The Blessings of Community

Participation in this teacher training program will give you the opportunity to learn and grow spiritually in an international community of practitioners



With successful completion of this teacher training program, you will receive a certificate from YOGA ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL (YAI) and AMRITA. This credential will support you in establishing meditation classes, workshops, and trainings in communities, organizations, and institutions throughout the world


Further  training 

This program is the basis for more in depth trainings, on the path of liberation presented regularly in our school, by world renowned teachers


How Is the Program Organized?​


During the program, you will engage in:


  • An in-depth curriculum with new online teachings every week, designed and taught by M.Mourtzis, where the preparation of the basis for the retreats will take place, together with Q+A sessions on the issues that you might have discovered during your practice


  • 4 Intensive residential retreats with transmissions, initiations and in depth training and practice



In total there will be 7 modules:

Level 1

  • Module 1: 1st series of online classes

  • Module 2: 4 day retreat for completing level 1


Level 2

  • Module 3: 2nd series of online classes

  • Module 4: 4 day retreat for completing level 2


Level 3

  • Module 5: 3rd series of online classes

  • Module 6: 4 day retreat for completing level 3


Level 4

  • Module 7: Final 4 day retreat



Mentorship sessions

To help support your learning, address your personal questions, and inspire growth areas


Group practice sessions

Opportunities to connect with your peers for feedback and support



After the third retreat, you will be asked to engage in a Practicum where you initiate classes in your local area to share and demonstrate your growing skill set. During this time, you will be supported by monthly teachings and broadcasts, monthly mentoring, and Peer Group meetings


24/7 Access

There will be a 24/7 access to the online teachings on our website so you can review and deepen your practice at your convenience


Access to retreat materials

Full access to presentations, recordings, images and teaching material will be given to participants after the completion of each retreat


Program Contents


Technical skills 
Mantra, Meditation, Concentration and Mindfulness


Psychology and Spirituality 

A theoretical study of Yogic, Psychological and Spiritual methods of Self Realization and Healing. These can vary and will include: Koshas, Chakras, Nadis, Chitta, Manas, Buddhi, Ahamkara, Samskaras, Vasanas , amongst others


Anatomy and Physiology 

Physiology and astral/energy/subtle Anatomy


Philosophy, Ethics and Lifestyle 

Philosophy and ethics for the Meditation Teacher, and an understanding of how to develop a healthy lifestyle. Study of the Teachings of the Great spiritual Masters of past and present


Teaching and Communication skills 

Principles of demonstration, observation, assisting/correcting, instruction, teaching styles, qualities of a teacher and the student’s process of learning. Receiving feedback, observing others, teaching and giving feedback


Participants will be taught under 3 general categories


1. Self-observation

2. Spiritual training

3. Personal development


Through the work presented in the above areas, we aim to train teachers reach a deeper state of harmony and unity with their spirit and the world around them. We invite them on a journey of discovering the divine voice in their hearts and recognising the most perfect nature inside them and in everyone else.


The training spans across 21 main areas:


1. Body relaxation

2. Cultivating observation

3. Observing on multiple levels

4. Understanding the inner flow

5. Pulsation and existence

6. Purifying the karmic network- Chakra Dharana and Nyasas

7. Purifying fears

8. Empathy

9. Realising Energy movements and kundalini

10. The center of existence

11. Understanding and managing space

12. Experiencing the subtle bodies - subtle anatomy

13. Recognising beauty in life

14. Expansion of consciousness beyond the body

15. Simultaneous observation

16. Compassion

17. The Self

18. Interconnectedness

19. Connecting with Grace

20. Entering and remaining in true nature

21. Experiencing true nature in everyday life


Basis for the training will be Traditional approaches from different Hindu schools, mainly Kashmir Shaivist Tantra and Vedanta, together with main  Buddhist sources, mainly from the vehicles of Mahayana and Theravada.


At the same time basic principles in teaching meditation for groups from the participants will be developed in terms of:


  • Presentation

  • Energy management

  • Personal practice and trouble shooting

  • Maintaining meditation practice in everyday life

  • Adapting ancient practices in the modern way of life


Additionally every student will be called to:


  • Form and teach his/her own meditation class, as well as assisting in classes taught by others and presenting them to the group.

  • Every student will create an original thesis - program that will serve as a tool for the teaching of future students.



The program will be taught in greek. Simultaneous translation will be offered from experienced translators.



Classes will be taught by:


The director of studies Michalis Mourtzis MD (A.M.). (Swami Chandrashekarnada)

More info on M.Mourtzis here


For more info or for any clarification, please contact us via email at or by phone at +306940773084

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