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Awakening the Shaman "The Blue Flame of Wisdom" 

3 year training in Shamanism



Shamanism 7: 17 & 18 February 2024 

Shamanism 8: 21 - 25 March 2024 (graduation retreat at Enagron)


Shamanism is present across all lengths and breadths of the planet; it is an ancient healing tradition and, most of all, a way of life. It is a way to connect with nature and all creation. The word has its roots in the shamans of the Tungus tribe in Siberia.

Anthropologists conceived the term, which refers to the spiritual and ceremonial leaders of indigenous cultures throughout the world. The word shamanism can be used to describe the ancient spiritual practices of the indigenous cultures.

Shamanism can be seen as a universal spiritual wisdom inherent in all indigenous traditions. As all ancient spiritual practices, Shamanism is rooted in nature and offers a beautiful method through which we, as human beings, can enhance this natural connection, and begin to discover the treasures of knowledge and Wisdom of our ancestors.

In the course of 8 weekends of intensive training, participants will begin to discover some of the most ancient shamanic traditions of our planet, and various practices that can support our personal development. In these seminars we will learn techniques of purification, healing, harmonisation of our energy and of others with love and awareness, as well develop a unified concept by transforming our reality and the world.

This particular shamanic teaching is the result of the intensive research of the last 17 years and includes practices from most of the traditions of our planet.

This series of seminars has been formed so that we can offer a complete programme, clear and comprehensible, one that can practically help the practitioner discover his/her true nature and walk the path to enlightenment in his/her daily life.

Upon completion of the programme participants will be awarded a certification by the "Amrita" School of Meditation, Therapeutics and Chi Kung.


The seminars are tailored to address the needs of each group and, among other subjects, will include the following:


Techniques for connecting with God's Grace a necessary perquisite on this path

Purification through the elements of water, fire, smoke, earth, and ancient techniques (herbs, egg) 

Purification of the elements inside the body (the mandala of the elements)

Psychotherapy through the element of earth (sand mirror)

Subtle anatomy 

The wheel of medicine

Personal power places and activation of objects

Cleansing, programming and use of Crystals

5 Shaktis and crystallisation * teachings from the tradition of Kashmir Shaivism *

Power Animals

Communication with the spirit of trees and plants

Shamanic breathing and MANA empowerment * teachings from the Hawaiian Archipelago *

Pendulums - healing and divination

Psychotherapy through prayer and the Grace of God

Ceremony of light for the dead

Power Tools shamanic knife 

- Ishta Devata * teachings from the tradition of Hindu Tantra *

Kabbalistic protections

Tarot - use of the cards for our personal transformation

Vision and subtle senses

Lucid dreaming and astral projection

Dream catchers

Crossings: Acquiring properties and powers from the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms * teachings from Mexican shamanism *

The lineage of Merlin

Guru yoga

Full moon ceremony

New moon ceremony 

Techniques from Bali * teaching from Indonesian shamanism *

Shamanic powa: A technique for conscious death and helping others during their transition

Chod * teachings from Tibetan shamanism *

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