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"The wings of the Dragon"


Training in alchemical Taoism

(series of 8 seminars)


Taoism 4: 22 & 23  of October 2022

Taoism 5: 21 & 22 of January 2023 

Taoism 6: 27 & 28 of May 2023


Taoism 4: 15 & 16 of October 2022 

Taoism 5: 4 & 5 March 2023

Taoism 6: 13 & 14 of May 2023


For most people, trying to define Taoism can be extremely complicated.


The Tao is impossible to determine. Everyone discovers the Tao in their own way. Such an approach can be very difficult, especially today when most of us are looking to define their lives in a more and more specific way.


Taoism teaches us how to interact and flow with life and to embrace life, so that we are constantly supported by life, so as to avoid unnecessary conflicts.


Taoism itself is a tradition that is constantly evolving, so as to meet the needs of practitioners in relation to the time they live in and the demands they have on their daily lives. This is why Taoism has survived for centuries, as it always adapts to NOW.


In this series of 8 seminars we will begin to discover the Taoist tradition through different schools and ways, covering different areas, from the shamanic Taoist tradition, to the secret elixir and self-awareness.


Indicatively we will study:

General Taoist theory and cosmogony technics for improving health and longevity, ways of improving and crystallizing our energy and perception of energy, alchemical methods of realizing the self.


We will study Chi kung from different schools


Some of them:


  • The dragon bone

  • The deer chi kung for enhancing sexual energy

  • The 8 health brocades

  • Tiger and Dragon - 3 levels

  • Chi kung of the moon

  • Chi kung for brain health

  • Chi kung for the treatment of organs

  • Chi kung for strengthening muscles and tendons

  • The dragon nest

  • The 8 steps to the treasure

  • Sounds, energy and the elements

  • Chi kung for the eyes

  • Chi kung for general strengthening and weight control

  • Wugi chi kung

  • Chi kung of the 5 mythical animals

  • The chi kung of wisdom

  • The 11 healing paths

  • Different Chi kung for the treatment of diseases

  • Specialized Chi kung for men

  • Specialized Chi kung for women

  • Elements and organs

  • Chi kung of the 10 symbols

  • Lohan gong

  • Chi kung of male and female alchemy




In addition to training in the different external forms of Chi kung we will see different meditation schools and approaches at the following levels:


  • Working with negativity

  • Awakening the subtle senses

  • Energy therapies in Taoism

  • Welfare techniques

  • Shamanistic techniques within Taoism

  • Feng shui

  • Ideograms

  • Coan

  • Working with the constellations

  • Protection techniques

  • Talismans

  • Taoist dreaming techniques

  • Magical Taoism

  • Techniques for the treatment of cancer

  • Alchemical Taoism

  • Nei kung for the cultivation of sexual energy

  • Kan and li

  • Shen kung for self-awareness


Participants who will complete the series of  "The wings of the Dragon" will be eligible to enter the special training program so as to obtain the title of instructor of this system.

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