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With Michalis Mourtzis MD(A.M.) 

Yuki is a form developed by Carlos de Leon, based on martial arts, the 8 Brokade of Master Kanazawa, Hatha Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Kung. The purpose of this practice is to sustain health and an open flow of energy in the body, calm the mind, strengthen our energy and increase awareness.

The practice of Yuki places great emphasis on the harmonious development of the brain hemispheres and therefore the two sides of the body, so as to gradually create a new perception of life and movement, as we learn to remain connected with our true nature.

Through the form itself, together with Chi Kung and meditative practices, but mainly through the wisdom of the ancient tradition of Dzogchen, we learn to develop a distinct view of the world as we move through life and its challenges.

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