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21 steps of consciousness-

with M. Mourtzis MD (A.M.)

Meditation is the way to return one's mind to its primordial state, which is to remain in a free experience of clarity, simplicity and love. It is a "tool" for self-observation, as well as spiritual training and development.

The modern world and our way of life are full of distractions that prevent us from observing our thoughts, emotions and body; we therefore experience reality from a distorted perspective. Although these distractions originate from external factors, they actually manifest within us, affecting our daily lives. Through meditation, we can positively learn from these experiences and reach a deeper state of harmony and unity with our spirit and the world around us.

"Journey to the Center of the Self"

Get to know and heal yourself by relaxing with guided visions.


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Stress - A path to a free flow

The course "Stress - A path to a free flow" designed by Michalis Mourtzis MD (AM),  is suitable for all those who want to have a more harmonious attitude in their daily lives and improve their physical, emotional, and mental health.


Upcoming Events 

Carlos De Leon - Rasa Tantra

June 23-29| Arachova

Rasa = juice, essence, or a state of consciousness sustained by a specific emotional experience.
Tantra= flow, expansion, weaving, continuity, can also refer to a text or an experiential knowledge of transformation.


Rasa Tantra is therefore the knowledge of using our emotional states for our transformation. 


In Rasa Tantra there are 10 Rasas or emotional states of consciousness
that sustain our karmic patterns and behaviors.

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Shamanism "The blue flame of Wisdom"


Shamanism is present across all lengths and breadths of the planet; it is an ancient healing tradition and, most of all, a way of life. It is a way to connect with nature and all creation. The word has its roots in the shamans of the Tungus tribe in Siberia.

Anthropologists conceived the term, which refers to the spiritual and ceremonial leaders of indigenous cultures throughout the world. The word shamanism can be used to describe the ancient spiritual practices of the indigenous cultures.

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The wings of the Dragon

School of alchemical Taoism

 For most people, trying to define Taoism can be extremely complicated.


The Tao is impossible to determine. Everyone discovers the Tao in their own way. Such an approach can be very difficult, especially today when most of us are looking to define their lives in a more and more specific way.


Taoism teaches us how to interact and flow with life and to embrace life, so that we are constantly supported by life, so as to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Sexuality, Relationships and Liberation

In this series of 3 seminars, we will discover how our sexual identity is being blocked in
different ways.
Through a transformative process, we will heal and purify our relationships. With the use of
various spiritual traditions, we will be guided towards a more whole and free experience in
our everyday life.

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Green Tara

Green Tara is a Bodhisattvi, an expression of the highest compassion of all enlightened beings. 

Ιn Tantric Buddhism, she is referred to as the "Mother of All Buddhas" and she is considered as the spiritual Mother to all those who address her and engage in her practice. 


 About Amrita

Amrita is a school in which we share different spiritual teachings and paths for the evolution of the self and consciousness, in order to heal our emotions, to pursue happiness, harmony and prosperity.


The participants in our seminars are offered the opportunity to familiarize with different spiritual traditions of our planet such as Hindu and Buddhist Tantra, Taoism, Kabbalah, Kashmir Shaivism, Shamanism, Chi kung of various schools, etc.