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Meditation - The 21 steps of Consciousness


(training will be in  Greek Language) 
Retreats - Axos, Enagron (Rethymno) 
08-10 November 2021 -  First workshop
28-30 March 2022 - Second workshop

Meditation is the means to return one's mind to its primordial state, which is to remain in a free experience of clarity, simplicity and love. It is a "tool" for self-observation, as well as spiritual training and development.

The modern world and our way of life are full of distractions that prevent us from observing our thoughts, emotions and body; we therefore experience reality from a distorted perspective. Although these distractions originate from external factors, they actually manifest within us, affecting our daily lives. Through meditation, we can positively learn from these experiences and reach a deeper state of harmony and unity with our spirit and the world around us.

We engage in an inner dialogue with ourselves on a daily basis, evaluating, criticising, and responding to external and internal events, as well as our emotions. We say phrases like "This is good", "This is horrible", "This is painful", "This is scary", "It hurt me" etc. Such thoughts occur automatically and produce reactions that become habitual. The inner dialogue and reactions it generates often take us back to the early years of our life, where our experiences with parents and the close family environment in which we have grown up have inevitably had a profound impact on us.

Through meditation, we learn to observe the experiences that take place both internally and externally, in an open way, without judging them. For example, if we feel pain it is good to allow ourselves to experience this feeling instead of trying to resist it, so that we can discover its root. 

Meditation is based on the expansion of our consciousness, so we learn to observe our thoughts, emotions and senses without controlling, denying, or trying to alter them. If we exclude our emotions, it will be impossible to deal with the situations that produce them. This outlook represents the basis of the healing power of meditation.

The meditative practice urges us to pay close attention to what we are experiencing in the Now. Through this path, we can begin to separate between the fundamental senses and our reactions. We can gradually gain the ability to focus on direct events objectively, without making a choice, escaping or evaluating. In addition, we can begin to gain better access to our personal wisdom, by achieving a state of awareness and understanding of our deepest level of existence.

We invite you on a journey of discovering the divine voice in our hearts, and recognising the perfect nature in us and in everyone else. 

In this series we will train in the art of meditation through a 21-level programme that will cover  the following areas:

1. Body relaxation

2. Cultivating observation

3. Observing on multiple levels

4. Understanding the inner flow

5. Pulsation and existence

6. The Self

7. Inter-connectiveness

8. Compassion

9. Realizing Energy 

10. The center of existence

11. Understanding and managing space

12. Experiencing the subtle bodies 

13. Recognizing beauty in life

14. Expansion of consciousness beyond the body

15. Simultaneous observation

16. Bodhicitta

17. Purifying the karmic network

18. Purifying fears

19. Connecting with Grace

20. Entering and remaining in true nature 

21. Experiencing true nature in everyday life


The "21 Steps" meditation training series is suitable for anyone interested, beginner or advanced practitioner, provided that they maintain an open vision of the spiritual path.

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