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Sexuality, Relationships and Liberation

Retreat 25-28 March | Enagron Rethymno

In this series of 3 seminars we will discover how our sexual identity is being blocked in different ways.
Through a transformative process, we will heal and purify our relationships. With the use of
various spiritual traditions, we will be guided towards a more whole and free experience in
our everyday life.

By applying techniques which originate from the modern schools of body-oriented
psychotherapy, we will work towards a systematic unblocking of our “body armor”.
Through different experiential practices, we will be able to recognize the limitations of our
body, and discover new ways to connect with our “orgasmic” identity.

Our goal is to reclaim our natural ability of enjoying the world, every single moment, with
our body, our mind and our energy.

Besides the models of body-oriented psychotherapy, other important methods to support
the process, come from the traditions of Hindu and Buddhist Tantra. Through those ancient
and well tested methods, we will begin to transform our perception of our identity and of
the world.